Garden Office

The fully insulated Garden Office is the most popular garden room choice in our range. You can create your perfect workspace within easy reach.

Forget about traffic jams and Birmingham rush hours. Organise and enjoy your working experience from a new perspective in your luxury garden office.

Our eco-friendly, fully insulated garden offices are ready to go in Sutton Coldfield and across the whole of the Birmingham area.
Select facade color:
Price List
3,5 m (11,5 ft)
4 m (13 ft)
4,5 m (15 ft)

3,5 m (11,5 ft)

£20 420
£21 130
£22 320

4 m (13 ft)

£21 370
£22 320
£23 745

4,5 m (15 ft)

£22 320
£23 745
£24 930

5 m (16,5 ft)

£23 270
£24 930
£26 120

5,5 m (18 ft)

£24 220
£25 645
£27 115

6 m (19,5 ft)

£25 170
£26 595
£28 495

Our Standard Configuration Includes

Garden room structure according to size
Professional installation
Premium grade insulation
2,3 m French door with panoramic side windows
2 opening windows on the back wall
4 Double sockets
Internal lighting
External lighting
Consumer unit
Luxury vinyl flooring options
Moisture resistant MDF internal wall finish
Hardie VL Plank external cladding

Garden Office Configurations


Classic Switches

Lighting control by groups and scenes
Shades controls:
Standard shades controls
Security systems:
  • CCTV
  • Security and alarm system
  • Video intercom
Audio technologies:
Hi-Fi audio quality
Video technologies:
Usual AV distribution
Smart Home:
Premium smart home App
(by Control 4)

Highlights & materials

ClassicBond® EPDM is the original EPDM roofing system and is recognized as one of the most sustainable materials for the flat roof installation.
The Celotex PIR insulation has been specially designed to solve thermal bridging issues and reduce concentrated heat loss.
C24 Timber Joists are kiln-dried to reduce moisture and is highly regarded for its durability and strength. 
Hardie VL Plank weatherboard — our contemporary facade solution. 
Dual-coloured uPVC windows are with coloured uPVC window frames on the outside and white frames on the inside.
Our aluminum Bifold Door range comes with lots of options to configure the doors to your needs and taste.
A pre-primed moisture resistant MDF with Richmond profile style grooves (101,6 mm centers) creating an excellent paneling effect for walls and ceilings.
Our luxury vinyl plank floor covering system is an ideal choice for your garden room.
A true smart systems makes your life more convenient and your home safer, more comfortable, and easy to enjoy.

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