How to Build a Garden Room?

Construction stages

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Do you have an idea for your Garden Room, but you are unsure what to do next? Our managers can help you bring your ideas into reality and find a better use for your existing garden space!

Please share your ideas for the design: any sketches or drawings to help us understand your concept better. Fill in our Request Form, and we will prepare a detailed commercial offer for your custom Garden Room.

After agreeing with all terms and conditions of our cooperation, we will prepare and send our contract to you.

After signing the contract and receiving advance payment, our professional team commences the design process. A significant amount of effort is invested in the design stage to manufacture and build our high-quality Garden Room.

While working on the design, we consider the requirements and wishes of our customers, compliance of the materials with the current regulations, and all necessary calculations, such as energy and strength calculations.


As soon as our designing team develops manufacturing drawings, we will share them with you to get confirmation. Once we have your proof, we will start the prefabrication process.

The prefabricated elements are manufactured by our experienced professionals who complete the production process according to precise manufacturing drawings. The quality control and manufacturing conditions ensure high precision and quality of the structures.


When the manufacturing process is completed, prefabricated timber panels are carefully loaded and transported to the construction site, where our trained installation team starts the assembling process.

Each project has a detailed delivery plan, which significantly helps us to complete your project in time.


The assembly is carried out on a prepared foundation, providing access to all necessary energy/water and waste supplies on the site. Our installation team carries out all building works in strict compliance with the design to ensure the maximum level of quality. The assembly of a single Garden Room takes 3 to 5 business days.

After the assembly, we will perform the roofing, exterior, and interior finishing works to complete the project. Our team always makes sure to treat the overall property with great care and respects the privacy of our customers during the whole installation project.

Assembly / Construction

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