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Insulated wall

1. Treated Structural Carcassing Timber C24
2. Hardie VL Plank cladding 11mm
3. Treated timber batten HORIZONTAL
4. Treated timber batten VERTICAL
5. Cromar Vent 3 Pro Vapour Barrier
6. OSB3 Board 11mm FSC
7. Celotex PIR Thermal Laminated
Insulation Board 50mm
8. Moisture resistant primed long grooved
MDF panels 9mm

Insulated Floor

1. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
2. OSB3 Board 18mm FSC
3. Celotex PIR Thermal Laminated
Insulation Board 75mm
4. Treated Structural Joists C24
5. OSB3 Board 18mm FSC
6. Treated timber batten
7. Treated Structural Joists C24

Inner insulated Wall

Inner wall:
1. 12,5mm gypsum plasterboard
2. CLS studs
3. Isover Acoustic partition Roll APR 75mm
4. 12,5mm gypsum plasterboard

Load bearing foundation pile:
1. Galvanized Threaded Rod M20x1000
2. Galvanized Nut M20
3. Galvanized Washer M21
4. Galvanised Plate 100x100x5mm
5. Concrete 200x200x700mm

Insulated Roof

1. ClassicBond EPDM 1.2mm membrane
2. OSB3 Board 18mm FSC
3. Celotex PIR Thermal Laminated
Insulation Board 50mm
4. Pressed Isover Spacesaver
Insulation Roll 100mm
5. Sawn Firring 100EX
6. Treated Structural Joists C24
7. Vapour Barrier
8. Gypsum Board 12,5mm

A prefabricated Garden Room factory set includes:

- Insulated floor, walls, and roof panels,
- Assembly of the panels on prepared foundation
- Windows and exterior doors supply and installation,
- EPDM rubber roof covering installation including fascias and guttering
- Electric 1st and 2nd fix installation
- Exterior and interior standard finishing

Standard solution for our Garden Studios

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