Smart Home

Your home. Simplified.

Let’s get busy! You will see that when your home technology is connecting to one easy-to-use system, it helps to take away some of those minor daily stresses.

Our Premium and Premium+ options offer Control 4 OS3 and Savant integrated systems, which will make your Garden Room even more unique, comfortable, and safe to enjoy your time there fully.

You're in control

With a touchscreen, keypad, voice recognition, and app access, you can create a Smart Home that is ultimately yours. Create and edit your Smart Home features. You make all the decisions when it comes to the technology in your home.

A Smart Home OS simplifies the technology in your home, coordinating multiple devices for a seamless, innovative home experience. A Smart Home OS makes a living with smart devices more efficient by scheduling actions and events to happen automatically.

Sometimes the little things are the big things

We combine the latest intelligent technologies from our globally recognised suppliers to make your time in Garden Room enjoyable. With our smart technologies, you can control your lights,
TV and audio systems, Wi-Fi, heating and air conditioning, security and video systems from anywhere with the help of a single app on your device.

Video about Smart Home technologies

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