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What makes our garden rooms special?

Smart Home system
We integrate and connect intelligent systems in our Premium and Premium+ options, delivering a brilliant Smart Home experience.

Our integrated Smart Home solutions make our Garden Houses even more unique, comfortable, and safe to enjoy your time there fully.
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High quality
Each Garden Room installation is designed using professional software, where we can think through all details and include them in the design. This process allows us to take care of critical aspects, ensuring maximum durability and an aesthetically pleasing design that nicely complements your garden.

Most of the elements of our Garden Rooms are manufactured at the workshop instead of the construction site, which means that the materials are fully protected from environmental conditions (rain, snow, wind). For our manufacturing and construction processes, we only use certified, high-quality materials from our verified suppliers.
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Ecological environment
Thanks to our advanced design technologies, we managed to reduce wastage of materials during the manufacturing process to a bare minimum. To add more, our Garden Rooms are 85% made of natural materials.

With this construction technology, we achieve an intelligent balance between thermal insulation and air permeability, making time spent in your custom Garden Rooms even more comfortable.
Comfortable space
We put a lot of effort into making the internal space of our Garden Rooms as spacious as possible. Together with our professional design team, we work on every construction element to maximise space and find the best possible solution for our structure.

We are proud that this cooperation has allowed us to achieve a minimum ceiling height internally of 2.2 m without compromising the overall structure.

How to order your Garden room?

construction stages

What is the first step?

What is the first step?

Fill in the Request Form and share your ideas for the design and we will prepare a detailed commercial offer for your bespoke Garden Room and discuss project deadlines and final price.



After signing the contract and receiving advance payment, we commence the design process. To manufacture and build our high-quality Garden Rooms, we develop individual project plans, integrating all details of your selection.



As soon as our design team develops manufacturing drawings, we will share them with you to get confirmation. Once we have your sign-off, we will start the prefabrication process.



Our professional installation team will deliver prefabricated garden room panels to the construction site. Your garden room panels will be carefully loaded and transported.

Assembly / Construction

Assembly / Construction

The assembly is carried out by our professional team. We will assemble your Garden Room in strict compliance with the design to ensure your satisfaction with our product and service.

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