Garden Office, Emmanuel Road

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This office is beautifully integrated into a lovely, spacious garden. Alex and Chris are young parents who partly work from home and desperately need extra space to organize their routines.

We designed and built a 3.5 by 5.5m garden office to resolve their problem. Our team thoroughly planned the working and sitting areas. We provided electrical and high-speed internet supply to make them feel comfortable doing their daily duties.

It’s fully insulated to use through all seasons, with beautiful panoramic windows and patio doors to their lovely garden.

Client's feedback

"Great Experience with Sutton Garden Rooms!"

Alex and Chris
"We recently commissioned Varis and his team at Sutton Garden Rooms to construct a home office in our garden.

We have been consistently impressed with Varis’ care and dedication to our project, involving us at every step of the process. We are incredibly happy with the finished result and can’t wait to put it to use. We will definitely use Sutton Garden Rooms again in the future and have already started to think about how we can use the skills and experience of Varis and his team to make other improvements to our house."

Our feedback

"Our team is proud of leaving our footprint in environment-saving efforts with every completed project.

Building this garden office for Alex and Chris was a great pleasure. We managed to achieve the project's primary task of resolving the space problem for the client. Combining our ideas with design solutions created a perfect space for them to enjoy while working from home.

It's an ideal workspace within easy reach for our clients where the need to spend hours in traffic is becoming obsolete."
Varis Gudritis,
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