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Bespoke garden gym with great BBQ and outside sitting space integrated into one building designed and built by the Sutton Garden Rooms team. The project beautifully integrated into the existing garden. Stunning panoramic windows and high-quality aluminium sliding doors give an incredible feeling of space, light and comfort. The BBQ area is designed to provide shelter but, at the same time, a sense of well-organised outside space for family and friends gatherings.

The sloped roof design allowed us to raise the ceiling height almost to 3m, giving the client enough room to exercise comfortably. Powered from the main house and integrated with existing Smart Home systems, Wi-Fi, and an innovative wireless switch system controlling integrated LEDs and other light fittings.

It's an incredible space to complement any garden, which significantly adds to the value of any property.

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Our feedback

"Bespoke garden gym spaces are one of the most popular requests for our garden rooms. We always carefully plan and advise our customers on the best possible layout and space options we can create for them. Factors like ceiling heights, overall space, and various exercises are crucial to enjoying your workouts.

The project we completed in Four Oaks was inspiring for our design team. Our target was to combine it with an outside BBQ and sitting space. It's two different areas, and we came up with great solutions for integrating both under one roof.

The aesthetic look of the building we designed complements and nicely flows with the beautiful spacious garden."
Varis Gudritis,
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