Garden Office, Conchar Road

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We built this Garden Office Room for one of our regular customers. The idea was to make a workspace and integrate it nicely into his spacious garden, allowing him to work from home and enjoy a nice view of the garden at the same time.

Our customer already had an existing 3x3m concrete slab from the previous building, which we decided to use as a base for his new garden room, extending to 3.5x4.5m.

We have created a beautiful garden office with panoramic windows and a self-contained work area by providing a new electrical supply and internet cable to the site. We have built a spacious patio to complement this nice office room, allowing our customer to have work breaks outside his lovely garden.

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Client's feedback

"A life Changing Investment!"

Eur Ing Robert J Murray,
BEng (Hons), MBA, CEng, FIGEM, FInstLM, FSOE, FIPlantE, MIED
"Varis and his team have carried out many life enhancing alterations to our home. His new venture Sutton Garden Rooms is a fantastic development.

We have invested in a Garden Office, a life changing sustainable and eco-friendly building. It is a triumph of new building techniques, innovative design and products. The insulation is exemplar and the finish awesome. The build quality as always is excellent and to highest standards.

This new building has allowed us to separate our home from work in a beautiful garden setting. It has changed our lives enormously and will allow a truly ongoing sustainable lifestyle.

Our carbon footprint will reduce dramatically as our business mileage and public transport journeys will be minimal. It will enable us to contribute faster to NetZero and help enable a greener future for our children and grandchildren."

Our feedback

"I was very excited to build this project for Robert. We had excellent cooperation with his family for more than ten years. When he first mentioned having an office in the garden, we devised our vision and design to implement that idea.

Thanks to our incredible team, we transformed all our ideas into a beautiful project. Working from home is a new reality of our time. There are more and more people facing those new challenges. We constantly focus on our customer's needs and are proud to bring excellent solutions to meet their new lifestyle."
Varis Gudritis,
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