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We have completed this fantastic bespoke garden gym for one of our clients in Streetly. The building was designed to meet customers' requirements and integrated nicely into the spacious garden and landscape.

The brief was to build a garden gym 8x4 meters and a big terrace with a canopy to allow some exercises to be done outside. Our designers created a beautifully organised space with panoramic windows to open the view to the garden and let in more natural light. The sloped roof decision allowed us to raise the ceiling height almost to 3 m, giving the client enough room to do any exercises.

Also, our team have connected the new building with the existing Controll4 system. It provides control of the whole property from a touchpad or phone, including music, TV, security and lights.

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Client's feedback

"Thank you for making our dream a reality!"

Mr Seth Roy
"We did considerable research before selecting Sutton Garden Rooms. There is quite simply no other company that offers the level of expertise and skill. Looking at the website, we thought we might have stumbled onto exactly what we were looking for. We needed the full works in terms of electronics - high spec lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, speakers, and alarm system, all fully automated and integrated with our control4 system. Our needs didn't stop there! We wanted the build to be stylish and modern; in fact, "looks, looks and looks" are our three most important categories.

Sutton Garden Rooms were brilliant. Varis was responsive, came out to us, sat and discussed our needs and quickly understood the vision we had for the project. We were soon provided with high-quality project designs, and we booked his team in. The rest is history! Thank you for making our dream a reality!"

Our feedback

"Another fantastic project we have completed thanks to our great teamwork. We started with excellent solutions from our design team to the actual project-building process. I was very excited about this and glad we had proven our high-quality standard with bespoke projects like this.
The leading beauty is that we accurately integrated it into a beautiful garden. Our Smart Home team did a great job integrating and connecting the new build with the existing system and making it for the customer, effortlessly taking control of the whole property from anywhere using a phone app.
It's a perfect room for exercising all year round, thanks to the insulation technology we use to build our rooms. The canopy is also ideal for yoga exercises in early warm summer mornings."
Varis Gudritis,
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