Garden Office, Lawnswood

Business cases
The garden office is three by three meters with an integrated security system. Our client is a young professional who works partly from home and is desperate to organise his daily work routine. The idea was to build a small but functional working space.

Our team devised a garden office design to suit the garden size and add length. It's an excellent self-sustained office room with a new power supply and a fast broadband connection.

The top-quality materials we pick up for every project make it maintenance-free and come with a manufacturer's warranty of up to 30 years.

Client's feedback

"Exceptional quality product"

Mr Sam Snell
"Great product and outstanding service! Good communication throughout the project. However, it's a small room primarily used as an office space. Sutton Garden Rooms came up with great ideas and solutions for optimising space to get the most out of it. Windows layout helps to let in a lot of natural light, which visually makes the room bigger. I am amazed at how quickly the room gets heated to a comfortable temperature with a small electric heater. It also holds temperature all day long due to insulation. They came up with very professional solutions on electrics and workspace layout. I am pleased and would recommend Sutton Garden Rooms to anyone. "

Our feedback

"The home office is one of the most popular enquiries we receive from our clients. The main advantage of the garden rooms is that they add more space to the property and the house's value. Once the project is built, clients can transform it into anything they like. We thoroughly pick top-quality materials from our suppliers with proven long-lasting durability—most of the materials have up to 30 years of the manufacturer's warranty. We designed our rooms to be maintenance-free and can be used all year round because of the quality insulation we calculate and use for each project."
Varis Gudritis,
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